Monday, January 4th, 2016

Raw Fika – a raw food cookbook filled with sweets

When making this book I worked with the lovely Maria Carlsson and equally lovely Marina Asplund from the raw food café SthlmRaw in Stockholm. We shot all images at and around the café in central Stockholm. We used the city’s pavements, streets, walls, doors and I enjoyed it so much. I love shooting outside the studio, working with what I have around me.

Friday, March 27th, 2015

Proud to be a part of this new cookbook: Till Bords med Systrarna Eisenman.

Yesterday I finally received my first copy of the Swedish cookbook Till Bords med Systrarna Eisenman by Lisa Eisenman Frisk and Monica Eisenman. I took the photos. I started working on the book about a year ago and finally it’s here. It’s about gathering family and friends around the table, being and eating together. It covers both winter and summer so we have shot a lot outside for the summer and a little bit for the winter when we were lucky to have snow. I especially enjoyed taking all the photos of people for this book and of course working with Monica and Lisa again.

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

A few photographs from my trip to New York.

In December I went to the United States on vacation with my family, we began in New York. I wasn’t on an assignment, but of course I couldn’t keep from bringing my camera everywhere we went. I have lots and lots of shots of buildings and streets. At first I wasn’t sure what to do with all the images I brought with me back home, but then I decided to make prints out of some of them. These prints are now for sale in my etsyshop:

I will soon also have prints from Italy, Miami and Charleston in my etsyshop…and hopefully lots of other places in the future.

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

New work in the Swedish food magazine Lantliv mat och vin.

In the latest issue of the Swedish food magazine Lantliv mat och vin I have no more than three stories. All with food stylist Liselotte Forslin, absolutely one of the best food stylists. One story is about new ways of preparing and eating porridge, with lots of different grains and lovely things to go with it. Another story is about making your own pasta and the good sauces to go with it.

The last story is a winter story. You would think we always have snow in Sweden, but we don’t get snow every year. Last year was one of those years with almost no snow. But we were asked by the magazine to make this feature with food and people with a wintery feeling and of course preferably some images in the snow. We had planned a day for shooting the story without snow and asked Matilda (she is part of our creative studio and is a wonderful children’s book illustrator) if we could shoot the story with her family at her parents house which we could. Thank you!! Well, we had planned the shoot without the snow and we were going to make the best of it. But just after arriving at the location the snow started falling, we were just so lucky! Next day the snow was gone. So we got the snowy shots together with the cosy inside shots.

Here are some of the photos from the three different stories, but from the same issue of the magazine Lantliv mat och vin.

Monday, November 10th, 2014

A big fine art print of my image from Nashville.

This photo is from the book I did with the Swedish country artist Jill Johnson. Se more from the book Country Cooking with Jill in Nashville here. On this great book team was also Mia Gahne (journalist, writer, food stylist, translator and much more) who lives in New York. I recently made a big fine art print of this image for her and her apartment in Tribeca (she shares the apartment with Mats Olsson, a Swedish journalist and writer). I was very happy she asked me, this is also one of my favorites from the book.

I love making special prints of all my images. So just contact me if you see one of my images in a book, on this website, in my portfolio, in a magazine etc. that you would like a print of.  To contact me take a look in the column on the right.

And of course I have my Etsy shop where I have images for sale as fine art prints, big size posters and postcards. To get to my Etsy shop go here.

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Wild Flower Fine Art Prints- New in my Etsy shop

I have over the summer and into fall been working on a collection of images of flowers. To make these images I pick wild flowers around where I live. I live close to both nature and the city in Sweden. I take the flowers I pick and arrange them in front of the camera on a simple background that still has some texture. Sometimes I take the flowers apart and make new ones or I let them dry and age to make them feel even more real. For a even more alive feel I shot with natural light.

I print the images on a matte, 100% cotton paper of 310 grams for the two smaller sizes and 330 grams for the two bigger sizes. All prints are signed.

To see the whole collection go to my Etsy Shop.

Here is a reminder of the Paris Postcards I also have in my Etsy shop.