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Photo journal no 13: winter by the lake

I’m lucky to live close to a lake surrounded by beautiful nature. I take lots of walks and lots of photos here. A great thing about photographing nature (apart from it being so beautiful) is that it changes what it looks like all the time. The same tree, lake, shrubbery look different depending on light, season, time of day, snow, dry or wet, close up or far away and so many other things. So there are endless of images to make from the same place in nature if you’d be happy to stay in one place. All images in this post are taken around the lake close to my home in the winter. This is not what winter looks like right now. At this moment winter is warm and only brown and grey no white, which is of course also beautiful. I will show the brown and grey nature by the lake another day. These winter images are all now in my print shop. All images are linked to the shop or go here. Please take a look!

Winter by the Lake by Ulrika Ekblom Photography
Winter by the lake by Ulrika Ekblom Photography

photo journal no 8: copenhagen peonies

This is soon what you will find in the Botanical Garden i Copenhagen. I shot these on a visit last May and from today quiet a few of them are available as PRINTS in my print shop. Most of the images are of the Tree Peony. Bushes full of beautiful big flowers that come in different colors. Link to my print shop here and if you click on the shop sign to the right.

Izakaya for Swedish Elle mat och vin with Ylva Porsklev

This is Izakaya for Swedish Elle mat och vin with food and drinks by Ylva Porsklev.

new work in many different magazines – first out Swedish Crayfish Feast for Lantliv

It has been an unusually long summer and unusually many lazy days (probably too many) for me and my family. Three weeks in Italy, a few weeks on the Swedish island of Gotland and a few weeks of not doing anything at home. Today is the first day of school after summer for my children. So I start working again. I have lots of fun projects and assignments for the end of summer and beginning of autumn. But first I want to show you some of my work that has been published over the summer. The first one is for the Swedish magazine Lantliv. Helena Larsson was the recipe developer and stylist. The story was shot close to her home a very lovely evening last summer in Småland in the southern part of Sweden.

two large posters of paris on etsy

I’m happy to let you know I have finally chosen two photographs to make posters from and I have already printed them. These are the first two poster but more will come. These first ones are both from Paris and printed on matte paper (my favorite) in the large size of 70 x 100 cm ( 27 1/2 x 39 1/4 “). The good thing with these posters, apart from the photo and being big, is that they are not very expensive so you can easily just pin or tape them on the wall. Or if you want to frame them there are many ready made frames in this size to frame them with. You can get them in my etsy shop. And I ship world wide.


I went to Paris this past spring to shoot for the book Franska Bakverk (French Pastry) by Mia Öhrn. You can se more of Franska Bakverk here. I also went to Paris because it is one of my favorite cities in the world (I studied photography in Paris for two years) and I’d been wanting to go all on my own for a while. It was the first weekend with lovely weather after the long winter last year. I got so many photos of Paris and there was of course not room for all of them in the book, it is after all a cookbook and not a book about Paris. But I’ve got lots of room here for them so I’m going to show them now and then.

Blood Orange

During the last blood orange season I made this blood orange feature together with food writer Ylva Porsklev since we love blood oranges. We made it for the Swedish fashion magazine Damernas Värld, and it was published already this past fall. Now it is blood orange season again and I try to eat as many as possible for the taste, the beautiful color and the extra antioxidants the blood orange has compared to the orange orange. I love photographing the blood orange trying to make it bleed its red color in some of the images. To see more of Ylva’s recipes go to her blog

Another cookbook with my food photography.

I have made lots of food photography for quite a few cookbooks during the year of 2013. Three of them are already published and the other four will be next year. Hej Fredag (Hello Friday) is the third one to be published this year (the others being Franska Bakverk and Fixa Julen). Liselotte Forslin is the author and cook of the book Hej fredag and Kakao Förlag the publisher. Simple, great tasting meals for Friday night.

I’m very much looking forward to start working with Liselotte on our next book, which is already in January. We are keeping the theme secret a little while longer…

Franska bakverk – French Pastry

One of my latest books to be published is the Swedish cook book Franska bakverk (French Pastry). The book is written by Mia Öhrn and she has also baked all the beautiful pastry in the book. Mia has put a lot of work into this book making the sometimes difficult French recipes into easier bake-at-home recipes. Everything is delicious and I have tasted it all. Some of my favorites are Tarte Tatin, Tarte aux poires, Mousse au chocolat, Macarons, Eclairs, Canelés, Madeleines, Croissants, Pain au chocolat and so many more. Katy Kimbell is the graphic designer and has made wonderful illustrations for the book as well. You can find the book at Adlibris and Bokus. Her are some of the images.

Lantliv mat&vin Soup and Bread

Recipes and styling Liselotte Forslin.

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