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copenhagen photography art prints

I spend a lot of time in Copenhagen. It is one of my favourite places to be and I am lucky to have close family there whom I visit often. In Copenhagen I love taking walks around town and I make sure to take at least one of the walks each visit on my own. This so I can take the time I need to take the photos I want without anyone hurrying me along. It has resulted in quiet many photographs. I thought it was time to go through them and edit some for my printshop. I did this and here are some of the new Copenhagen images in my print shop. Many of them are from Nyhavn, but some also from Christianshavn and other places in the inner city (Indre By).

So go take a look in my web print shop at Etsy to se more of my Copenhagen photography art prints.

Link to Copenhagen prints:

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New photography in the printshop. Vegetable garden and home grown tomatoes.

New images in my printshop. A perfect vegetable garden in the Italian alps. I took the photo on a trip to Courmayeur, Italy on a warm evening this summer. The garden had just been watered and the sun was about to set.

These tomatoes are from my own garden in Sweden. I took and arranged these images when it was time to save the tomatoes from frost in oktober.

Click each image to get to the print. Or go the the print shop here:

Photographs from Thai cookbook

These images are from Wichudaporn Chaiyasaeng´s latest cookbook. The theme is Thai food cooked in less than 30 minutes. I took the photos and did the prop styling and set the feeling in the photos. The book is for sale here and here. In Swedish.

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Beige and brown nature photography art prints of sea shells and dried nature.

This time of the year when nature is soon to turn green everything is beige and brown. It is quiet beautiful and I wanted to make a series of images for my photo print shop in those same colors. I started by taking photos outdoors of the reed grass and the sallow tree and dried grass and dried flowers. Then I brought the dried beige and brown nature indoors, into my studio. I also took my collection of sea shells out of my closet and all the dried flowers from last summer. I shot most of the photographs against an old beige piece of newsprint paper for the right feeling. This newsprint paper has been with me for a very long time. I bought when I went to art school in Washington D.C. in the nineties for my drawing classes. So it has an old vintage touch to it and is probably not the same color as it it was when i bought it. But very good as a simple background for these photographs. To see all images go to my shop here. They are all digital and downloadable, but if someone would prefer an actual print shipped to them just tell me and I will do it.

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Photo journal no 15: Dandelions

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green cottage, summer

My favorite secret location. No styling, this is the way I found this secret green house. I’ve shot three food features here, one with everything covered in snow. Continue reading


I went to Paris this past spring to shoot for the book Franska Bakverk (French Pastry) by Mia Öhrn. You can se more of Franska Bakverk here. I also went to Paris because it is one of my favorite cities in the world (I studied photography in Paris for two years) and I’d been wanting to go all on my own for a while. It was the first weekend with lovely weather after the long winter last year. I got so many photos of Paris and there was of course not room for all of them in the book, it is after all a cookbook and not a book about Paris. But I’ve got lots of room here for them so I’m going to show them now and then. Continue reading

Blood Orange

During the last blood orange season I made this blood orange feature together with food writer Ylva Porsklev since we love blood oranges. We made it for the Swedish fashion magazine Damernas Värld, and it was published already this past fall. Now it is blood orange season again and I try to eat as many as possible for the taste, the beautiful color and the extra antioxidants the blood orange has compared to the orange orange. I love photographing the blood orange trying to make it bleed its red color in some of the images. To see more of Ylva’s recipes go to her blog Continue reading

Another cookbook with my food photography.

I have made lots of food photography for quite a few cookbooks during the year of 2013. Three of them are already published and the other four will be next year. Hej Fredag (Hello Friday) is the third one to be published this year (the others being Franska Bakverk and Fixa Julen). Liselotte Forslin is the author and cook of the book Hej fredag and Kakao Förlag the publisher. Simple, great tasting meals for Friday night. Continue reading

Franska bakverk – French Pastry

One of my latest books to be published is the Swedish cook book Franska bakverk (French Pastry). The book is written by Mia Öhrn and she has also baked all the beautiful pastry in the book. Mia has put a lot of work into this book making the sometimes difficult French recipes into easier bake-at-home recipes. Everything is delicious and I have tasted it all. Some of my favorites are Tarte Tatin, Tarte aux poires, Mousse au chocolat, Macarons, Eclairs, Canelés, Madeleines, Croissants, Pain au chocolat and so many more. Katy Kimbell is the graphic designer and has made wonderful illustrations for the book as well. You can find the book at Adlibris and Bokus. Her are some of the images. Continue reading

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