Month: March 2014

Cooking with Lotta Kühlhorn for Swedish magazine Elle mat & vin

I was very happy when I got the assignment, for Elle mat & vin, to shoot Lotta Kühlhorn while she cooks in her colorful and inspiring apartment in Stockholm. Lotta is a well known Swedish graphic designer who always uses a lot of color in her designs. I love color so this was the perfect assignment for me. Lotta’s home is filled with wonderful things that turned into wonderful props for the images I was shooting. This feature is in the latest issue of the Swedish magazine Elle mat & vin (Swedish for Elle food & wine). Here are some of the images I shot. And by my side doing some styling and writing was Liselotte Forslin. Continue reading

I’m on Etsy

I’m very excited I now have an Etsy shop. In my Etsy shop I have prints of my photos for sale. It’s still a small shop but I will be adding more prints and also posters. The images in this post are a collection of photos I’ve put together, it’s for sale as a set. The theme is Paris, but I’ve also chosen them to go well together color wise. Gray, black a little bit of blue, Paris colors. I shot most of them when I was in Paris a lovely weekend last spring, shooting for a cookbook and some from a December visit. I wanted to do more with them after I finished the cookbook. This is the first thing. The images are printed with pigment print on Epson Enhanced Matte Paper 192g, a high quality paper. I love the real feeling of matte paper. I love not having any reflections in the photos. If you tape them directly on the wall instead of framing them you keep the matte feeling of the paper. The two photos below are from my home workspace, an example on how to put them together. So go to my new Etsy shop! Continue reading

Fresh onions for Swedish magazine Lantliv mat&vin

Recipes by Liselotte Forslin. To see a little bit more and to get a recipe for fresh onion tarte with feta go to my foodblog I share with Liselotte Forslin. Or if you are in Sweden go get the magazine Lantliv mat&vin.

Wild flowers

Flowers picked in the wild. A photoshoot I did with stylist Kerstin Hermelin. Soon this will be the time of year again, the best time of the year.

Lantliv mat&vin

Here is another feature for the Swedish food magazine Lantliv mat&vin. I worked with food stylist Liselotte Forslin as I usually do for this magazine. To see more of Liselottes and my work you can go to Le Parfait.

Los Angeles morning, window facing the garden

Two different versions of the same photograph, the second one being the most authentic. It’s taken a sunny morning in the guest bedroom in a house in Arcadia, L.A. county. The shadows on the curtain are from the avocado tree in the backyard.