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New art photos for the Frame TV and also moved to new shop

So I reopened an old etsy shop and moved all the Frame TV images there. And I added some images so there are a total of 100 images perfectly adjusted art photographs for Samsungs The Frame TV. The images are of course digital and instantly downloadable as soon as you buy them. My new old shop was only open for a short while a few years ago. I decided then to only have one shop with all my wall art. But now with all the TV Frame photographs I think it is better to have them in a separate shop. This shop is called Nordic Wallflower. And if you don’t have Samsung’s The Frame TV and would instead like a print just let me know. In this post there are some of the images, I chose some of the photos with a little bit of a fall feeling.

My other shop (UlrikaEkblomPhoto) is still filled with photos that are available world wide as art prints.

Beige and brown nature photography art prints of sea shells and dried nature.

This time of the year when nature is soon to turn green everything is beige and brown. It is quiet beautiful and I wanted to make a series of images for my photo print shop in those same colors. I started by taking photos outdoors of the reed grass and the sallow tree and dried grass and dried flowers. Then I brought the dried beige and brown nature indoors, into my studio. I also took my collection of sea shells out of my closet and all the dried flowers from last summer. I shot most of the photographs against an old beige piece of newsprint paper for the right feeling. This newsprint paper has been with me for a very long time. I bought when I went to art school in Washington D.C. in the nineties for my drawing classes. So it has an old vintage touch to it and is probably not the same color as it it was when i bought it. But very good as a simple background for these photographs. To see all images go to my shop here. They are all digital and downloadable, but if someone would prefer an actual print shipped to them just tell me and I will do it.

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Swiss alps snowy mountain tv frame art photography

From the snowy, sunny Swiss alps. Photos I took a few years ago while visiting Switzerland. I have now finally edited them, some in color and some in black and white. I have cropped them to fit the samsung tv frame. I’ve also let them be quiet dark so the snow won’t shine too bright on the screen. They are now up in the print shop to download. I will probably add some of them as regular prints too in a while. I love the alps like this.

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Downloadable Art photography for the Frame TV

I just the other day realised what a good way of showing photography the Frame Tv is. This led me to go through some of my work and see if there were any images that would work well with the format (3840×2160 pixels) and look good on a screen. I found quiet many and have chosen forty of them that are now available in the print shop. They are of course digital and downloadable. So when you purchase you instantly download the image. I’m starting with these forty images and will add more when I see what response I get on the first ones. Here are some examples that are all linked to the shop (or click the print shop button on the top right). Very welcome!

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new in the print shop: black and white and downloadable

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