Month: February 2013

Fixa Grillen

With all the snow we are having in Uppsala this year I long for summer even more than usual. It’s very beautiful but the winter is too long! Sometimes I have to edit images shot in the summer in the middle of the long winter. I think it helps me get through some of the cold, dark winter days. Sitting in front of the computer almost being inside the images from summer and not feeling the winter. Continue reading

Deep Fried Fries, Chips and Donuts for Mat & Vänner

I really enjoyed shooting this with Ylva Porsklev. Ylva made all the recipes and deep fried everything. She is an expert at deep frying. She claims to have the best recipe for homemade potato fries which I believe to be true. I made the small paper bags, painted a few plates and dyed some fabric. I love working like that, making special props for my photo shoots. If you want to see more of this feature and get the recipes you will have to go and get the lastest issue of the Swedish food magazine Mat & Vänner. Continue reading