Month: December 2013

Another cookbook with my food photography.

I have made lots of food photography for quite a few cookbooks during the year of 2013. Three of them are already published and the other four will be next year. Hej Fredag (Hello Friday) is the third one to be published this year (the others being Franska Bakverk and Fixa Julen). Liselotte Forslin is the author and cook of the book Hej fredag and Kakao Förlag the publisher. Simple, great tasting meals for Friday night.

I’m very much looking forward to start working with Liselotte on our next book, which is already in January. We are keeping the theme secret a little while longer…

fixa julen – christmas cook book

I worked with lots of wonderful people making this book. They are: Liselotte ForslinTove NilssonKC Wallberg, Birgitta Rasmusson, Catharina Lindeberg-Bernhardsson, Mai-Lis och Carina Hellénius, Bengt-Göran Kronstam, Jan GradvallJonas Larsson and Ingela Holm.