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new in the printshop and a scholarship

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Lite i taget gör jag förändringar i mitt arbete som fotograf. Jag vill jobba mer med fotokonst, prints att ha på väggen. I början av sommaren fick jag ett stipendium av Sveriges författarfond. Det gjorde mig väldigt glad och har gjort det möjligt för mig att under hösten lägga mer tid på mina egna bildidéer. Det tar väldigt lång tid att komma in i att jobba med något nytt, speciellt om man redan har det ganska bra med det man redan håller på med. Att ha möjligheten att ha mer sammanhållande tid gör att jag utvecklas och kommer vidare på ett helt annat sätt med mina egen bilder än om jag hela tiden har massor av andra uppdrag som jag avbryter med. Jag har upptäckt att vilka bilder som gör sig som print på väggen skiljer sig från bilder som passar i böcker, någon gång ibland kan en bild funka för båda. Det känns spännande och mer nytt än vad jag trodde, det är nästan som att börja om från början. I varje fall vad gäller kontakter. Jag har inte samma kontakter i fotokonst/print branschen som jag har i matfotobranschen, än i varje fall. Titta väldigt gärna in i min shop med natur/växtbilder! Continue reading

Photo journal no 5: early summer in Copenhagen

I visited Copenhagen a few days last week. I ended up spending many hours in the Botanical Gardens again. This time very warm and so much in bloom. The peonies, the rhododendrons, azaleas, wisteria and so much more about to bloom. What a peaceful, beautiful place in the middle of the otherwise busy Copenhagen. Continue reading

Photo journal no 4: more of Paris in the spring

More of spring in Paris. A lot of green water in the Seine, magnolias in bloom, pink buildings, magnolias in bloom in front of pink buildings, coffee at a café, view of the Eiffel tower, sun on a burgundy red door, Montmartre, random lovely buildings. Spring light. Continue reading

Photo journal no 3: Paris

Paris a few days ago. Continue reading

Photo journal no 2: Mimosa

Mimosa does not grow in Sweden but we can buy it here when its in season in southern Europe. It’s a sign of spring for me and reminds me of two wonderful months I spent in the south of France when my children were really small. My son took his firsts steps during this stay and turned one and now a few days ago he turned thirteen, so it’s a while ago. I remember the hills covered in yellow mimosa trees. We were lucky spring was little bit late that year. Otherwise we would have missed the blooming. These images are taken in my new studio with the snow still outside those beautiful windows. Image just below is available as print in my print shop. Continue reading

two large posters of paris on etsy

I’m happy to let you know I have finally chosen two photographs to make posters from and I have already printed them. These are the first two poster but more will come. These first ones are both from Paris and printed on matte paper (my favorite) in the large size of 70 x 100 cm ( 27 1/2 x 39 1/4 “). The good thing with these posters, apart from the photo and being big, is that they are not very expensive so you can easily just pin or tape them on the wall. Or if you want to frame them there are many ready made frames in this size to frame them with. You can get them in my etsy shop. And I ship world wide. Continue reading

I’m on Etsy

I’m very excited I now have an Etsy shop. In my Etsy shop I have prints of my photos for sale. It’s still a small shop but I will be adding more prints and also posters. The images in this post are a collection of photos I’ve put together, it’s for sale as a set. The theme is Paris, but I’ve also chosen them to go well together color wise. Gray, black a little bit of blue, Paris colors. I shot most of them when I was in Paris a lovely weekend last spring, shooting for a cookbook and some from a December visit. I wanted to do more with them after I finished the cookbook. This is the first thing. The images are printed with pigment print on Epson Enhanced Matte Paper 192g, a high quality paper. I love the real feeling of matte paper. I love not having any reflections in the photos. If you tape them directly on the wall instead of framing them you keep the matte feeling of the paper. The two photos below are from my home workspace, an example on how to put them together. So go to my new Etsy shop! Continue reading

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