Welcome to my photo blog! In this blog I will show my work, published and sometimes unpublished. I want to start by showing some of the books I’ve been working on during the past year. Since my site hasn’t been updated in quiet a while I feel I’m way behind in showing what I have been doing. Much of the last year has been about cookbooks for me, of course lots of shoots for magazines too and some work for advertising. But I will begin with the books and take one at a time, the first one being also my latest.

This book is called Kombinera mat och vin, Kakao Förlag which translates into Combining food and wine. Liselotte Forslin has made all the wonderful recipes and Jens Dolk has written about the different wines. This book recently received a prize in The Swedish Food and Literature Prize in the category Food and Beverage. Here are some of the photos from the book.