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Fest med systrarna von Sydow – new book

This book is the latest to be published of the ones I shot last year. There are still two to come and another one I’m working on right now. On this book I worked with the two sisters Ebba von Sydow and Amy von Sydow Green. On the team was also Katja Palmdahl, Liselotte Forslin, Lisa Kullberg and of course our publisher Ingela Holm of Ica bokförlag. We got to go to many different wonderful locations in Stockholm to shoot this book during a few beautiful days in june last year. We also had a few days in Gothenburg at Stora Holms säteri in august to finish up the book. A good thing with making this book was that we were staying in a hotel during the photoshoot. I wish that happend more often while working on a big project like this it’s so much easier to get lots of work done. Making books is a lot of work, mostly fun, but still lots.

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More butter – Smör

More images from the book about butter by Johan Hedberg. Madeleines brushed with maple syrup, browned butter ice cream and mazariner (I don’t know that one in English). Se more from the book in my previous post. Get the recipe for Browned Butter Ice Cream at Continue reading

Smör – Butter

I just got my first copy of a book I’ve been working on from August until December of last year. It’s called Smör – Kärna, bryna, baka (Butter – churn, brown, bake). The recipemaker and author of the book is Johan Hedberg, you can see more of him and read more by him over at his blog A big part in the making of this book is also Maria Nilsson at the publishing company Natur & Kultur and the graphic designer Karin Schaefer. So the book is all about butter, how to make it yourself in Continue reading

Another cookbook with my food photography.

I have made lots of food photography for quite a few cookbooks during the year of 2013. Three of them are already published and the other four will be next year. Hej Fredag (Hello Friday) is the third one to be published this year (the others being Franska Bakverk and Fixa Julen). Liselotte Forslin is the author and cook of the book Hej fredag and Kakao Förlag the publisher. Simple, great tasting meals for Friday night. Continue reading

fixa julen – christmas cook book

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Franska bakverk – French Pastry

One of my latest books to be published is the Swedish cook book Franska bakverk (French Pastry). The book is written by Mia Öhrn and she has also baked all the beautiful pastry in the book. Mia has put a lot of work into this book making the sometimes difficult French recipes into easier bake-at-home recipes. Everything is delicious and I have tasted it all. Some of my favorites are Tarte Tatin, Tarte aux poires, Mousse au chocolat, Macarons, Eclairs, Canelés, Madeleines, Croissants, Pain au chocolat and so many more. Katy Kimbell is the graphic designer and has made wonderful illustrations for the book as well. You can find the book at Adlibris and Bokus. Her are some of the images. Continue reading

Fixa Grillen

With all the snow we are having in Uppsala this year I long for summer even more than usual. It’s very beautiful but the winter is too long! Sometimes I have to edit images shot in the summer in the middle of the long winter. I think it helps me get through some of the cold, dark winter days. Sitting in front of the computer almost being inside the images from summer and not feeling the winter. Continue reading

Sweet and Savory Pies with Lena Söderström

Lena Söderström has made 50 wonderful pie recipes for this book. I’ve tasted most of them and they are all worth making. The title in Swedish is Matiga och söta pajer. Continue reading

DIY for the Table

These images are from the book Pyssla Duka Bjud, Ica Bokförlag. I made this book during the past winter with stylist Rebecca Nordgren Rooth. The title translates into something like DIY, Set the table and Invite. There is lots of inspiration for anyone who loves to do it themselves. Rebecca and I share the same love for color, that is why I like working with her so much. Continue reading

My latest book, Kombinera mat och vin

Welcome to my photo blog! In this blog I will show my work, published and sometimes unpublished. I want to start by showing some of the books I’ve been working on during the past year. Since my site hasn’t been updated in quiet a while I feel I’m way behind in showing what I have been doing. Much of the last year has been about cookbooks for me, of course lots of shoots for magazines too and some work for advertising. But I will begin with the books and take one at a time, the first one being also my latest. Continue reading

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