With all the snow we are having in Uppsala this year I long for summer even more than usual. It’s very beautiful but the winter is too long! Sometimes I have to edit images shot in the summer in the middle of the long winter. I think it helps me get through some of the cold, dark winter days. Sitting in front of the computer almost being inside the images from summer and not feeling the winter.

These photos are an example of this. The book Fixa Grillen, Ica bokförlag, was published last summer, but I did the editing around January. I got to work with some of the best food creators on this book. Liselotte Forslin, Tove Nilsson, Mia Öhrn, Mia Gahne and Catharina Lindeberg-Bernhardsson. Catharina did not cook, she made the very beautiful, sometimes edible table decorations. Fixa grillen was shot in Stockholm, Uppsala, Skåne and Italy. When it’s possible I like moving around to get the best location.

So the reason I’m posting this now is that I haven’t posted it before and I needed to get away from the winter for a few moments again.