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Photo journal no 15: Dandelions

Spring seems strangely to go on forever this year. This time of spring is definitely the best time for the dandelions. The big yellow fields popping up all around. Beautiful as big golden blocks of color in the landscape but also pretty when looking close. Yellow, fluffy, soft and round.

So I had to go out and try to make images of how I see the flower. You just have to look at them with the right mindset. This is where I went. Typical Swedish countryside. A lot of photos where taken on my walk through the golden fields.

I’ve ended up with two different dandelion images so far. Both in my print shop from today. The indoor images are from my studio. Link to prints: https://ulrikaekblomphoto.patternbyetsy.com

green cottage, summer

My favorite secret location. No styling, this is the way I found this secret green house. I’ve shot three food features here, one with everything covered in snow. Continue reading