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Lantliv mat&vin

Here is another feature for the Swedish food magazine Lantliv mat&vin. I worked with food stylist Liselotte Forslin as I usually do for this magazine. To see more of Liselottes and my work you can go to Le Parfait.


Some of the images from a cheese feature for the Swedish food magazine Lantliv mat & vin. Recipes by, of course, the greatest Liselotte Forslin. To get the right dark natural light I shot this in my tiny office by my tiny window. I could just fit my tripod, camera, backdrop and food in. A good thing about that tiny window is that there is never any sunshine coming through it. Continue reading

Blood Orange

During the last blood orange season I made this blood orange feature together with food writer Ylva Porsklev since we love blood oranges. We made it for the Swedish fashion magazine Damernas Värld, and it was published already this past fall. Now it is blood orange season again and I try to eat as many as possible for the taste, the beautiful color and the extra antioxidants the blood orange has compared to the orange orange. I love photographing the blood orange trying to make it bleed its red color in some of the images. To see more of Ylva’s recipes go to her blog Continue reading

Deep Fried Fries, Chips and Donuts for Mat & Vänner

I really enjoyed shooting this with Ylva Porsklev. Ylva made all the recipes and deep fried everything. She is an expert at deep frying. She claims to have the best recipe for homemade potato fries which I believe to be true. I made the small paper bags, painted a few plates and dyed some fabric. I love working like that, making special props for my photo shoots. If you want to see more of this feature and get the recipes you will have to go and get the lastest issue of the Swedish food magazine Mat & Vänner. Continue reading

Lantliv mat&vin Soup and Bread

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Lantliv mat&vin Mushrooms

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Chocolate for Lantliv mat & vin

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New Years for Allt om mat.

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Mat och vänner, Taqueria El Sombrero

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Lantliv mat & vin Christmas

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