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Some of the images from a cheese feature for the Swedish food magazine Lantliv mat & vin. Recipes by, of course, the greatest Liselotte Forslin. To get the right dark natural light I shot this in my tiny office by my tiny window. I could just fit my tripod, camera, backdrop and food in. A good thing about that tiny window is that there is never any sunshine coming through it. Continue reading

Paris from the top of the Eiffel tower

I’ve been working on a new project which is going to result in prints and posters. I’m spending a lot of time choosing what images to make posters and prints from. I’ve decided I will definitely make a few posters of photos from Paris, but I’m not sure yet which ones.This image here is taken from the top of the Eiffeltower in December. If you look close you’re able to see the Centre Pompidou, Sacré Coeur, Place de la Concorde, Les Tuilleries, le Louvre, Seine, Notre Dame, Pont des arts, Pont neuf among others, almost like a map. I think this is probably one of the images I will choose, it will be perfect as a big print so you can see all the buildings in it. I also like the colors in it and the cloudy sky, it makes it beautiful to look at from a distance too. Continue reading

More butter – Smör

More images from the book about butter by Johan Hedberg. Madeleines brushed with maple syrup, browned butter ice cream and mazariner (I don’t know that one in English). Se more from the book in my previous post. Get the recipe for Browned Butter Ice Cream at Continue reading

the sky – gray and green

I always want the window seat when I fly. Looking out seeing places almost impossible to go to like icebergs, deserts, high mountains, the middle of a big ocean, the clouds. Two of my images here are taken from an airplane on my way from Stockholm to Geneva. The other three images are taken from the ground in Sweden on a warm summer day. I have changed the true colors just a little bit to get the gray/green colors I think go so well with these images. Continue reading

Paris, winter

Continue reading

The Ocean

When working on the book about butter (Smör – kärna, bryna, baka) I took some images of the Swedish landscape around where I live. Landscape and nature photography hasn’t interested me very much before but as it turns out I want to do more. So apart from planning more photoshoots I have also started looking through images I already have from different travels searching for landscape and nature images. I have found many I really like and I’m thinking of what to use them for and I’m starting by showing them here. These are from Greece and the Canary Islands. Continue reading

Smör – Butter

I just got my first copy of a book I’ve been working on from August until December of last year. It’s called Smör – Kärna, bryna, baka (Butter – churn, brown, bake). The recipemaker and author of the book is Johan Hedberg, you can see more of him and read more by him over at his blog A big part in the making of this book is also Maria Nilsson at the publishing company Natur & Kultur and the graphic designer Karin Schaefer. So the book is all about butter, how to make it yourself in Continue reading


I went to Paris this past spring to shoot for the book Franska Bakverk (French Pastry) by Mia Öhrn. You can se more of Franska Bakverk here. I also went to Paris because it is one of my favorite cities in the world (I studied photography in Paris for two years) and I’d been wanting to go all on my own for a while. It was the first weekend with lovely weather after the long winter last year. I got so many photos of Paris and there was of course not room for all of them in the book, it is after all a cookbook and not a book about Paris. But I’ve got lots of room here for them so I’m going to show them now and then. Continue reading

Blood Orange

During the last blood orange season I made this blood orange feature together with food writer Ylva Porsklev since we love blood oranges. We made it for the Swedish fashion magazine Damernas Värld, and it was published already this past fall. Now it is blood orange season again and I try to eat as many as possible for the taste, the beautiful color and the extra antioxidants the blood orange has compared to the orange orange. I love photographing the blood orange trying to make it bleed its red color in some of the images. To see more of Ylva’s recipes go to her blog Continue reading

Another cookbook with my food photography.

I have made lots of food photography for quite a few cookbooks during the year of 2013. Three of them are already published and the other four will be next year. Hej Fredag (Hello Friday) is the third one to be published this year (the others being Franska Bakverk and Fixa Julen). Liselotte Forslin is the author and cook of the book Hej fredag and Kakao Förlag the publisher. Simple, great tasting meals for Friday night. Continue reading

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