I’m lucky to live close to a lake surrounded by beautiful nature. I take lots of walks and lots of photos here. A great thing about photographing nature (apart from it being so beautiful) is that it changes what it looks like all the time. The same tree, lake, shrubbery look different depending on light, season, time of day, snow, dry or wet, close up or far away and so many other things. So there are endless of images to make from the same place in nature if you’d be happy to stay in one place. All images in this post are taken around the lake close to my home in the winter. This is not what winter looks like right now. At this moment winter is warm and only brown and grey no white, which is of course also beautiful. I will show the brown and grey nature by the lake another day. These winter images are all now in my print shop. All images are linked to the shop or go here. Please take a look!

Winter by the Lake by Ulrika Ekblom Photography
Winter by the lake by Ulrika Ekblom Photography