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photo journal no 7: in the cactus greenhouse

A late winter visit with a feeling of spring to the Cactus Greenhouse in the Uppsala Botanical Gardens, a part of Uppsala University. Located in a beautiful building built in the 18th century in the even older botanical gardens. Read more on their website about the garden and all the famous people that worked and studied here like Carl von Linné (Carl Linnaeus). Continue reading

Photo Journal no 6: the studio

We have the studio of our dreams. This will be our last studio, it is where we will stay.

Vi har nu den studion vi drömt om. Detta är vår tredje och sista studio och här kommer vi förbli. Liselotte har fått bygga sitt stora drömkök och jag har en fotostudio med fönster mot norr. Allt detta i ett fantastiskt rum som först var ett persedelförråd, sen tryckeri, konstnärsateljé och nu foto/matstudio. Vi har underbart vackra fönster, högt i tak och ett gammalt snyggt slitet betonggolv. Allt detta beläget i Eklundshof i Uppsala. Continue reading

my office space in the studio

This is my office space in the studio, located in Uppsala, Sweden. I recently painted the wall behind the desk green. The desk is actually my mother-in-law’s, bought new in the seventies by her and my father-in-law. She has no space for it since she moved and it looks really good in my studio. I love the soft green color on the wall and how it works with my nature and flower art prints. I also love the seventies chair and the old concrete floor and the old radiator and the beautiful window. Having my nature prints around me like this when I work makes me see what the next step in my work process is. Take a look into my shop to see all images and all the new ones. Continue reading

Photo journal no 5: early summer in Copenhagen

I visited Copenhagen a few days last week. I ended up spending many hours in the Botanical Gardens again. This time very warm and so much in bloom. The peonies, the rhododendrons, azaleas, wisteria and so much more about to bloom. What a peaceful, beautiful place in the middle of the otherwise busy Copenhagen. Continue reading

Photo journal no 4: more of Paris in the spring

More of spring in Paris. A lot of green water in the Seine, magnolias in bloom, pink buildings, magnolias in bloom in front of pink buildings, coffee at a café, view of the Eiffel tower, sun on a burgundy red door, Montmartre, random lovely buildings. Spring light. Continue reading

Photo journal no 3: Paris

Paris a few days ago. Continue reading

Photo journal no 2: Mimosa

Mimosa does not grow in Sweden but we can buy it here when its in season in southern Europe. It’s a sign of spring for me and reminds me of two wonderful months I spent in the south of France when my children were really small. My son took his firsts steps during this stay and turned one and now a few days ago he turned thirteen, so it’s a while ago. I remember the hills covered in yellow mimosa trees. We were lucky spring was little bit late that year. Otherwise we would have missed the blooming. These images are taken in my new studio with the snow still outside those beautiful windows. Image just below is available as print in my print shop. Continue reading

Photo journal no 1: Botanisk have copenhagen

This is my first photo journal. I love putting together small photographic stories about special places I go to and things I see. This first one is from the Botanical Gardens in Copenhagen. So if you are lucky enough to be in Copenhagen, if the chilly wind is getting to you, if you love plants and old buildings go here. This place will warm you inside and out. Continue reading

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