Orange bougainvillea photo print. Ulrika Ekblom Photography.
The orange bougainvillea photo print. I took the photo on a work trip to Crete, Greece.

These images are the ones of my images that are at the moment most popular on Pinterest. I use Pinterest so much, I get lots of inspiration for a lot of different things in my life both worklife and homelife. For work I make mood boards for specific projects like my photo prints or the cook books I make. It is very easy to share ideas when working together with other people. I’ve been collecting images for many years as well as sharing my own. Here are some of my own that are the most popular on Pinterest at the moment and all of them are also photography prints in my print shop. All images are linked to the print shop.

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Wisteria photography print. Ulrika Ekblom Photography.
This photo is of Wisteria taken on a street corner in Copenhagen. One of my favourite cities.
Pink magnolia and pink building in Paris photography print. Ulrika Ekblom Photography
Magnolias in Paris with the pink buildings in the background. I hope for a trip to Paris in the near future. It is not very easy to travel at the moment, but hopefully next year. In the meanwhile there are images to look at.
Pink magnolias in the springtime Paris photo print. Ulrika Ekblom Photography.
Even more Magnolias in Paris in the spring.