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New photography art prints of fruits, vegetables and berries.

Gooseberries. Tomatoes. Cantaloupe melons, apricots, grapes, raspberries, zucchini, radishes, plums, a tomato, a carrot and a sweet potato.

I’ve been adding new still lifes of fruits, berries and vegetables to my print shop regularly since the summer. I shot most of them in August and September when there was an overload of beautiful tomatoes and other berries, fruits and vegetables. I really love making still lifes when I get a hold of produce with other shapes sizes and maybe colours than the usual. But as is possible to see in my images I also buy ordinary produce from the supermarket, most of them are really beautiful as well.

It took me a while to get the new images into the print shop. After shooting I work quiet a lot with my images in photoshop. It is like painting for me. I work with the colours, the light, I sometimes add layers. I work with the image until I have the feeling I want and the aesthetic I want. I make test prints to see what they look like on paper and then maybe some more adjustments. All this is a long process so it takes a while to get the prints into the shop. I want the images to take a long time.

I wanted to show you the new prints and let you know I now also have a shop on my own domain. The prints are also in my shop on Etsy. The images here are linked to my new shop.

Chioggia beets, a tomato, a cantaloupe melon, a plum, grapes, raspberries and an apple.
Cantaloupe melons, apricots, grapes, raspberries, zucchini, radishes, plums, a tomato, a carrot and a sweet potato.
Pink currants and raspberries.
Grapes, apricot, radishes, plums, raspberries and a tomato.
Tomatoes with purple wildflowers.
Grapes, raspberries, cantaloupe melons, a yellow and a green zucchini, pears, a mango, a green tomato, apples and a plum. Sweetcorn.
Pink and white currants.

Limited edition rainy Copenhagen flower print.

This rainy flower print is part of an exhibition at Hotell Skeppsholmen in Stockholm Sweden. For my commercial work I’m represented by Wei and this is an exhibition by all the creators att Wei. All the art will be there until March, so go see!

It is a limited edition print and comes in two different sizes. I can have it framed if it is shipped within Sweden.

The rainy print below is also a limited edition print. All information is in my printshop. Link here.

food still lifes in Chicago restaurant

A new restaurant, The Bellevue, opened in Chicago this spring and eleven of my fruit/berry/vegetable still-lives hang in this restaurant. I’m very proud to have so many of my images in this place. A place very far away from where I am, which is Sweden, so I have only yet seen photos of it. Here are all the images that were hand picked by the interior designer. They go so well together. I love seeing what other people do with my work, as long as they do something good of course but that is usually the case. Many of the images are printed in very big sizes which works with most of my work. I love that too! You can see some of them in these photos on the restaurants instagram here and also here.

If you would like to decorate your walls in the kitchen, maybe the dining room at home with food inspiration these images are all in my webshop.

rainy flower market photography art

The rainy days. A series of photographs taken at the flower market at Torvehallerne in Copenhagen. The flowers are seen through the see-through cover which is full of raindrops. This was not a planned, arranged photoshoot. I was lucky to have brought my good kamera when I saw the possibility of these images. And as I usually do I edit them in photoshop for the exact feeling I want. I tried them as light, pastel versions first but then realised I needed to go dark and with color on these images. And here they are, available in my print shop at Etsy. Link:

Limited edition, signed art photography giclée prints by Ulrika Ekblom Photography

I’ve decided to offer some of my images in limited editions only. These will be in one or two different sizes depending on the image. I will sign and number each print and if delivered within Sweden I can also have them framed.

First out is this series of three. They go well together but work also very well on their own, so no need to buy all three if you only want one or two. This print is giclée printed on Hahnemühle photo rag paper 308 g. It is an acid free cotton paper.

The images are taken in houses from the seventies with the feeling of traveling back in time. It is also the feeling of being in control of time. This is one of many possibilities with photography the idea of being able to hold on to time, not having to let it slip away like in real life. The images also have a depth to them. Seeing through rooms and doorways, wanting to know what is on the other side, but needing to leave that to the viewers imagination.

I am also very much drawn to the colors. In these images pink, brown and yellow. I have worked in the editing with the colors and the light to convey the exact feeling of timelessness.

The prints are in my Etsy shop for now. You can also contact me directly for them. Link to the shop:

Size of image 40 cm x 56 cm.

Size of paper it is printed on 50 cm x 70 cm.

copenhagen photography art prints

I spend a lot of time in Copenhagen. It is one of my favourite places to be and I am lucky to have close family there whom I visit often. In Copenhagen I love taking walks around town and I make sure to take at least one of the walks each visit on my own. This so I can take the time I need to take the photos I want without anyone hurrying me along. It has resulted in quiet many photographs. I thought it was time to go through them and edit some for my printshop. I did this and here are some of the new Copenhagen images in my print shop. Many of them are from Nyhavn, but some also from Christianshavn and other places in the inner city (Indre By).

So go take a look in my web print shop at Etsy to se more of my Copenhagen photography art prints.

Link to Copenhagen prints:

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New photography in the printshop. Vegetable garden and home grown tomatoes.

New images in my printshop. A perfect vegetable garden in the Italian alps. I took the photo on a trip to Courmayeur, Italy on a warm evening this summer. The garden had just been watered and the sun was about to set.

These tomatoes are from my own garden in Sweden. I took and arranged these images when it was time to save the tomatoes from frost in oktober.

Click each image to get to the print. Or go the the print shop here:

Zeinas bröd – nya bilder till senaste kokboken av Zeina Mourtada

English further down.

Se också de två följande inläggen för hur jag jobbat med böcker under våren.

Jag har gjort bilder till en ny bok med Zeina Mourtada med det goda temat bröd. Som vanligt massor av goda grejer t ex börek, piroger, pizza, paj. Alltid god lunch på fotodagarna!

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Bilder fotograferad för Food Pharmacy och deras fjärde bok

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fotografier på utställning i Vårdsätra i södra Uppsala

(In English further down)

Väldigt nära där jag bor finns en gammal smedja. Ett litet falurött hus intill Mälarens mest norra vik i Vårdsätra i södra Uppsala. Smedjan har två rum, i ett av rummen finns kiosken och i det andra rummet hänger just nu några av mina fotografier. Mina grannar som äger den gamla smedjan frågade mig om jag ville visa några av mina bilder i smedjan under sommaren. Det vill jag och nu sitter fyra bilder på de vackra, träfärgade, timrade väggarna att beskåda för alla som vill.

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