Friday, November 24th, 2017


I love flowers and sometimes my food photography assignments include flowers and nature. A year ago I began making images of flowers and nature without having an assignment. I just wanted to bring along my camera on my walks outdoors and then I also started bringing nature with me into my studio. After a few months it resulted in many images and I opened a print shop with my nature images. I named the shop Nordic Wallflower. Nordic because of my location and the nature around me. Wallflower because of it being photos of flowers and nature that are meant to decorate walls. Wallflower also because of my personality, the fact that I’ve chosen to be behind the camera and not infront of it. But it is now time for me to not be so secretive about my new work, not to be so much a wallflower. So here are examples of what you find in my shop. All images are printed on matte Hahnemühle Fine Art paper 210g. You choose your size. To see all images welcome to my shop!

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